French chocolate berry meringue

21th of July 2011.
French chocolate meringue with whipped cream, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries.

things that seem fine but really aren't

21th of July 2011.
Sometimes things doesn't work out exactly as planned. It is also very true that food or baked goods can look enticing and still taste terrible. That applies very well to these buns, next time I'll try another recipe.

black and white cat in a window

Folke, 6th of July 2011.

Green places

Brompton Road, Tate Modern, Church Behind St Paul's, Hampstead Heath - London. June 2011.

The stone room

Natural History Museum, London. June 2011.

Strangely stuffed animals

Natural History Museum, London. June 2011.
Few things are more funny than weird stuffed animals.

Natural History Museum pt I

Natural History Museum, London. 28th Junde 2011.

I really love natural history museums, and even though the New York ANHM was more modern, the London version has its charm as well.  Sadly the dinosaurs were on summer break(!) How can they do such a thing? I will have to return again.


Folke. 4th July 2011.
Right now we are taking care of this little cat. He is quite kind and extremely afraid of the rabbit (thus him hiding under the couch).

London Day I

Soho, London. 27 June 2011.


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